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The Experience

With nearly a decade of photographic experience, I consistently look for new ways of staying creative and making sure my couple is happy for having chosen me as their photographer. I feel blessed and lucky enough to make friends with a photographer who resides locally in New York and was chosen as the worlds top-10 wedding photographers. Having received multiple one-on-one trainings from him, I feel that my work has drastically improved and my entire approach to photography has evolved into something much more.

What you should expect

The one thing you can expect from me as your photographer is that i will work with you and your fiance weeks before the wedding in understanding your vision of how you would like your special day captured. As a photographer, I have a vision of how I would like to capture your day - but that might not necessarily be the type of vision that you might have and the type of pictures/shots that you are expecting from your wedding. I will share with you my pose catalog and will build a list of shots that I will be looking to capture. With this approach, you will know - prior to your wedding - exactly the type of shots you will receive from your wedding and it eliminates the guess work in hoping that the photographer captures your wedding like how you have been imagining it.

I always believe that the greatest complement I consider is a smile on the face of my client after having seen the finished product. A simple smile that speaks volumes about their trust in my work to have given me the honor of photographing the most important day in their lives.